My amazing animator friend Kaukab has been caring for a feral cat colony in New Jersey for the last few years. These are cats trying to cope with living in highly urbanized areas and struggle to do so. Many of them are abandoned by their owners and need human care to survive.
She and her husband Juniad have been ever so vigilant making sure these poor cats are safe and sound. She’s fed them, given them medical attention and even gave them shelter from terrible weather conditions, including Hurricane Sandy. She’s done this all on her own time and on her own dime, all the while attending school and making a living as an animator. She’s passionate about these animals and goes out of her way to make sure they’re safe.
But now she and her husband are moving away and they can no longer care for these cats. They’ve searched for new caretakers for them, and even scouted for farms in the surrounding states that would take them on their property, but to no avail. Her neighbors have given her no sympathy or support since Day One, and given the opportunity they’d have these cats taken to a kill shelter, so it’s up to her friends to give her a hand. 
She found a feral cat sanctuary that is willing to take these cats, but for $350 a pop. She has 10 cats, so that’s $3,500 she needs to raise by the end of the month! And there’s some really great perks if you donate: amazing artwork from some of the most wonderfully talented animators in the business! 

Here’s the link to her IndieGoGo campaign:

I know there’s a bunch of you out there who would be willing to donate a few dollars to her cause. Every little bit helps, so spread the word along!

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